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Helicopter Dollies, Landing Pads,  Carts and Lifts for Robinson, Bell, Eurocopter, Hiller, Hughes and others

Simply said - The Flite Pad is the lightest, most transportable and cost effective helicopter landing pad on the market today for a light helicopter!
Shipping to non rural locations in the USA - approx $250 for frames and hardware.
  New Robi FLITE PAD - Built with 4 custom aluminum frames - the unit arrives on one light manageable palet with all hardware. Just add your choice of timber! Takes about 3 hrs to assemble. Nothing to rust. Weighs in at 50% of a steel pad. Easy to transport. $4995.00
4 Easy light-weight frames for a 10ft x 12ft pad
Custom bracketsare all  pre-drilled
Front handling bar and wheel

Simple at last! No straps to the skids, no fancy electric motor or hydralic lift. Just lock to the RHC supplied tow ball on the belly of the R44or R22 and away you go by hand or by tug! Ultimate tow cart for Robinson R44!
The new Robidolli2 unit is UPS Shippable and breaks down into 3 sections for easy transport. The ball receiver is a high quality design using precise tolerances and an  easy locking feature. There is also a sturdy front T handle for manually manoevering the helicopter. Available with1 1/4 ball hitch or simple military type loop hook by special order. The sytem easily breaks down in 2 sections for easy shipping.

Unlike all the other after market dollies designed for the R44 or R22 - the Robidolli uses a positive lball bearing lock system for the ball. It leaves adequate clearance to the helicopter belly as prescribed by Robinsons own system. Extreme care should be taken when connecting to the hitch - make sure the ball is in the cup!

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The HeliHauler range of Heli Dollies brings quality engineering at an affordable cost to the world of on-ground mobility for helicopters. These units use the latest in electric motor drive technology to allow precise, variable control of speed and hydraulics. Available for Astar, Jet Ranger, Long Ranger and others. Pricing at 20% below competing products and streets ahead in design!

HeliHauler Models
HH 1e Short - for Bell 206 and AStar
Long - for Bell 407 and Long Ranger
Max load 1600 KG. Rear or front steering. Electric hydraulic lifting. Single traction drive. 24V 75Ah battery pack. $11,395.00
HH 1eD With dual traction motor $12,100.00
HH 2eD EC 130 (B4), EC120, Bell 407, Long Ranger Max load 2000 KG $14,800.00
BO 105 Max load 2300 KG $15,900.00
BK 117, EC 145 Max load 2500 KG $16,700.00
Dual traction drive motor, rear or front steering, electric hyraulic lifting, 24 volt 115Ah battery pack
Extras Wireless remote control $3,800.00
4WD abd 4 W steering and Remote control Only for EC130, AS 350, Bell 407, Bell 206LR $5,200.00
28 Volt 200Ah battery pack for APU use Includes cable and connector $1,400.00